Happy Halloween!

Tropical Bird Costume:
Mask from Halloween Adventure with a homemade beak attached
Red feather boa from a bead store on 6th Ave
Rainbow feathers from Michael's attached at wrists and tail
Vintage Izod sweater/Atmospere skirt/Tights from We Love Colors

The bloody remains of someone murdered in my friends' shower

I wore this to a Halloween party on Saturday night. Full disclosure: this is actually bits and pieces of the costume I wore two years ago done slightly differently. I didn't have a lot of time to put my costume together this year, but still wanted to do something fun and elaborate. I love to dress up, so Halloween is naturally one of my favorite holidays!
Matt was a big help making this. He constructed both the paper mache beak and the foam core frame for the tail (you can't see it in the pictures). Sculpture was never one of my strong points, but he did an amazing job where I would have been quite helpless. All I had to do was apply the paint and feathers, which in my opinion is the fun part anyway! 
I did a fairly involved eye makeup even though the mask is the main focal point of the costume. I knew there was no way I would be able to keep it on constantly all night and wanted to have something interesting going on even when I took it off. That was a smart move because the beak made it very difficult to take a drink out of a glass. I need to remember to bring a straw if I ever wear this again!
Happy Halloween everyone! Be sure to eat plenty of candy!