Burnt Orange

Outfit Details:
Vintage shirt from Beyond Retro in London
Vintage sweater from Goodwill
Levi's jean shorts from Buffalo Exchange
Tights from We Love Colors
Altama Army boots from Goodwill

Two of the vintage clothing items I seem to collect most are printed polyester button down shirts from the 70's and men's v-neck sweaters from the late 70's/early 80's. They tend to pair perfectly together! Plus they are both plentiful at thrift shops. I guess I'm the only one with this obsession...
We checked out the Medieval Festival up at Ft Tryon Park today. It was fun, but super crowded. I hope to post some pictures later this week along with the pics we took at Bring to Light last night. That was also awesome, but super crowded! That's just what happens when there's a free event in NYC. EVERYONE shows up.