Sunday Style

Outfit Details:
NYLON x Urban Outfitters top from Buffalo Exchange
Seriously old Paris Blues jeans cut into shorts from who knows where
Tights from Target
Hair bow/scarf from Beacon's Closet
Sunglasses from Brick Lane Market in London
Glitter shoes from Strawberry

So this is what I wore on Sunday to hunt down bagels and run errands. Sorry it took so long to post; I was busy at the Mets/Reds game last night at Citi Field. It was a great game, with the Reds (go Cincy!) coming out on top after 13 innings (!).
I love the artwork on this shirt drawn by illustrator Noah Butkus. I can't fully explain why I'm so drawn to this image...there's just something so late 1960's band poster illustration about it that I can't resist. All the strange, disjointed figures melding into each other, no telling where one begins and another ends. So enigmatic!
Note: I have dead eyes in that first photo. Tyra would not approve.