My So Called Life

Outfit Details:
Vintage dress from Beacon's Closet
Vintage sweater from my Dad's closet
Tights from Gap
Altama Army boots from Goodwill

I remember having just started my freshman year of high school when My So Called Life debuted on TV in 1994. Finally, a show with a character who acts like a real teenager! Oh my god (we didn't have OMG yet)'s like Angela Chase knows exactly what I'm thinking! Of course my Mom immediately banned the show in the house because it was so controversial. Three cheers for overprotective parents. Watching the show now, I have trouble remembering what was so controversial. It actually seems pretty tame. Angela is a good, if confused (but who isn't at that age) person. I guess honesty just scares some people. As we were watching the "Guns and Gossip" episode, Matt even commented that it seemed only a few steps above 7th Heaven on the controversy scale. I had to agree. It is obviously a much better written, produced, acted, etc, etc, etc show than 7th Heaven though!
Anyway, it inspired me to put together this outfit. I've found that these boots add a dose of 90's grunge deliciousness to just about any outfit, including this usually very Mad Men looking secretary dress from the 60's. All it takes is the addition of my Dad's old sweater from the late 70's. How many decades can I fit into one outfit? It's a new and exciting game! Who wants to play?