In a Van Down by the River

Outfit Details:
Vintage shirt purchased at a party at a band's practice space many years ago
Levi's jean shorts from Buffalo Exchange
AK Ann Klein boots from Beacon's Closet
Vintage purse from Beyond Retro in London
Leather cuff from H&M
Hanes tights

What an amazingly gorgeous weekend we just had! I couldn't get over all the sunshine and cool (but not too cold) temps. Matt and I decided to head down to Brooklyn Flea on Saturday, more to enjoy a walk than anything else. Well, we were looking for a large Corningware mixing bowl to replace the one I broke in the sink, but no luck. We were keeping an eye out for good photo locations as we went and there was this Volkswagon, right in our path. I could picture my sixteen year old self freaking out about how awesome it was. This was pretty much my dream car (or should I say van?) when I was a teenager. was on a street DOWN BY THE RIVER! also made me realize that I need to find some lime green tights. I guess it's time to do my yearly legwear shopping on We Love Colors.