(Standin' On) The Dock of the East River Ferry

Outfit Details:
Vintage dress from Beacon's Closet
Hat from Buffalo Exchange
Sunglasses from H&M (about 7 years ago)
Necklace was a gift from my Mom when I was about 12
Chain bracelet from Buffalo Exchange
Vintage clutch from Beacon's Closet
Shoes from Rainbow

The view from the Greenpoint East River Ferry dock is beautiful. And no, I don't mean the industrial wasteland you see behind me in this photo. You actually get a nice view of Manhattan in one direction and the Williamsburg Bridge in the other. As an added bonus, there are a few great murals painted along India St leading to the dock. The rocket mural immediately caught my eye since it coordinated with my outfit perfectly! Please note that I did not actually have my right hand amputated in the time it took to walk from the dock to the rocket mural. I just happened to fling my hand at a strange angle while jumping! I'm thinking about doing a series of outfit photos with each of the murals. Might be interesting...