Black and White and Gold All Over

Outfit Details:
Dress from H&M
Shirt from Buffalo Exchange
Glitter Shoes from Rainbow
Sunglasses from H&M
Bracelets from Buffalo Exchange (leather cuff) & Day-Lab (vintage gold bangle)
Vintage ring from Day-Lab

So I was just sitting at work today, minding my own business and typing an email or something, when everything started to move. What the hell? Everything's swaying back and forth. Are we having an earthquake!? Yes we were, and now I've experienced my first earthquake. Is it wrong that I thought it was kind of fun? Next up--hurricane? Living close to the water, I think that's one crazy weather experience I can live without...
We took these photos yesterday after I came home from work, and you can kind of see my fun nails in the third picture. Just a little nail painting experiment from Sunday night. Not as successful as I hoped, but it turns out it's hard to paint patterns on your nails with a toothpick! That's probably why Sally Hansen starting making these nail art pens.