Style Inspiration: The Mighty Boosh Zooniverse Jacket

green vest striped top_1.jpg
green vest striped top_2.jpg
green vest striped top_4.jpg

It seems strange that just a couple of weekends ago I was all bundled up because the early signs of summer finally hit LA this week. I sweated it out selling at the Rose Bowl Flea Market just this past weekend, but Memorial Day weekend (which is supposed to usher in summer fun) was cold and gloomy! I guess it did give me a chance to wear one of my favorite outfits one last time for the season.

This thrifted vest started its life much longer, but I chopped it since I wanted a more cropped look. That meant I also had to shorten the pockets so they wouldn’t hang out of the bottom! I’ve never actually done that before and it turned out to be super easy. I’ve been super into cutting garments and leaving the edge raw as well. There’s just something casual and kind of punk that I love about the fraying.

Fun fact: I think of this vest as my “Mighty Boosh jacket” because it always reminds me of the zookeeper jackets they wear in season 1 of the show. I’m definitely taking some styling tips from Vince Noir with the scarf too - haha!


I guess this is also the blog debut of my Ziggy Stardust mullet! It definitely won’t survive the late summer heat (I hate having hair on my neck) so I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts. I think I need to bust out my Bowie costume from a few Halloweens ago and do a photoshoot once it’s gets a bit longer.

Styling Tips

How to Style a Colorful Vintage Zebra Print Jacket 4 Ways

colorful zebra print jacket.jpg
colorful zebra print jacket_2.jpg
colorful zebra print jacket_1.jpg
colorful zebra print jacket_3.jpg
colorful zebra print jacket_4.jpg
colorful zebra print jacket_2.2.jpg

Do you ever pass up a kinda crazy piece because you’re worried you won’t get enough wear out of it? Like, you can only imagine one way to wear it because it’s THAT much of a statement? I’m willing to admit that even I struggle with that sometimes, and I pride myself on my ability to find multiple ways to wear anything. (Seriously, I wear my clothes into the ground and the only way to do that successfully is to come up with new ideas to keep outfits fresh for myself.)

I originally bought this colorful zebra print jacket with the intention to sell it, but I just couldn’t part with it. I’ve never been a big animal print person, but there’s just something about the bold colors here that made me hold onto this. Now you might think that you can only wear this with all black to avoid looking too bold. Fuck that kind of thinking! This jacket is just begging to be paired with so many colors .

Which outfit do you like the best? How would you style it?

Altered State

Altered State: 70s Orange Plaid Dress

orange plaid dress_b4after text.jpg
orange plaid dress_1.jpg
orange plaid dress_5.jpg
orange plaid dress_4.jpg

The more I try to blog regularly, the more I drop the ball! Now it’s been over a year since I’ve posted here! I’m going to try to do things differently in 2019, I promise.

I’ve owned this dress for a few years, but I think I only wore it once, despite loving the colors and off-kilter plaid print. It really just came down to the fact that the sleeves were several inches too short (a common problem I have with vintage garments). They also didn’t cuff well, so that workaround wasn’t going to cut it.

Instead I decided to give it short sleeves! I considered a few ways to do that, and eventually landed on a cuffed look with machine stitching. A pretty simple alteration that I did on a Sunday afternoon, but it makes all the difference. Now I can wear this dress! And I already have: these photos were taken after I’d worn it to work all day (with more sensible boots and a cardigan to protect me from my freezing office, of course)!

Sometimes the simplest alteration is all you need to make something perfect for you…

How I'd Wear It

How I'd Wear It: Crushed Velvet 90s Dress

purple velvet dress yellow furry jacket_text.jpg
purple velvet dress yellow furry jacket_3.jpg
purple velvet dress yellow furry jacket_2.jpg
purple velvet dress yellow furry jacket_5.jpg

This is kind of a 70s glam rock meets 90s club kid look and I'm really digging the combination! I rarely put together an outfit without any prints. I actually didn't realize I'd done that until I was editing the photos. So here you go - an inadvertent study in colorblocking!

I found this crushed velvet dress for the shop a while back and for some reason no one has snapped it up yet. It's such a perfect 90s mini! The fuzzy yellow coat was a Christmas gift from Matt. While we were in Stockholm last November, we'd pass a store every day that had it displayed in the window. I fell in love with it, but never went in to try it on. Fast forward to Christmas and I found out that Matt tracked it down online and bought it for me!

Want to style this dress yourself? Hop on over to the shop and grab it while you still can!

Altered State

Altered State: Teal Dress with a Bright Floral Print

teal floral dress silver boots_b4after.jpg
teal floral dress silver boots_3.jpg
teal floral dress silver boots_6.jpg

I immediately fell in love with the colors on this dress when I saw it, but I hesitated to buy it since it was covered in stains. I'm pretty confident in my stain-removing abilities when it comes to polyester (hot water + OxiClean = miracles). The problem was that this isn't polyester and I also wasn't 100% sure what the fabric content was. Cotton, some kind of cotton blend, something else entirely? Anyway, the price was low enough that I said 'fuck it' and gave it a go. 

I'm glad I did because it cleaned up with almost no effort! OxiClean saved the day without making those amazing bright colors run! (*insert Billy Mays here*)

The next issue was the length. The hem hit right across my knees in the most awkward and unflattering way. Another easy fix! I did a quick snip and hem and made it into a cute mini. I was already in love with the rest of the dress (those sleeves!), so all-in-all this was a pretty simple alteration.

I actually styled it a few ways before landing on this look - which is by far my favorite. I recently found this vintage felt hat for $1 (it was dirty and beat up) and did my first hat restoration project ever. It's nice to be able to show it off! The boots were a DIY project I decided to try. They started out as thrifted black boots and I spray painted them silver. I just haven't been able to find the perfect pair of silver boots, so I took matters into my own hands. So many projects in one outfit!