New Collection: Say Goodbye to the Cold!

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Ahhhh, the warmth of spring is finally soaking in, and before you know it we'll be complaining about how it's too hot. Humans are such fickle creatures, aren't they?

Here are some lovely, breezy dresses and tops to get you through the transitional period from cold to warm. These pretty pieces will keep you smiling - well, at least until you decide it's too sweltering. Get out there and enjoy the beauty of spring!

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The Story of a Vaguely Southwestern Purple Bow Blouse

 photo purple bow blouse_2_zpsqkmypcbd.jpg
 photo purple bow blouse_4_zpsn1abhutf.jpg
 photo purple bow blouse_1_zpsog7xhyvh.jpg
 photo purple bow blouse_3_zpsbs8uy61g.jpg
 photo purple bow blouse_5_zpsj0cuske5.jpg

Like so many things that ultimately end up staying in my own wardrobe, this blouse was originally earmarked for the shop. But there was a broken button on the front, and did I really want to replace ALL of the buttons, and wouldn't it just look great with my jumper and yellow tights? This is how I go from selling something to having a packed closet!

And I have to admit, it DOES look great with my gray jumper and yellow tights, and as an added bonus, it also matches my glasses. I will not apologize for being lazy and keeping this blouse!

New Collection: Be a Pop of Color

 photo 3.14.17 collage_zpsdn0n0dl3.jpg

Be a pop of color in the dreary gloom! Spring is so close that you can almost taste it, but that doesn't change the fact that it's freezing out today. Screw the weather...what's stopping you from brightening things up? Show up in your most colorful outfit and wow everyone with your seasonal optimism! 

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New Collection: Lighten Up!

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I know it's still February (at least until the end of the day today), but I can't help but dream of spring right now! It's so close, yet so far away... That may be the case, but there's nothing stopping you from lightening things up now! Grab some pastels from this collection and pretend it's spring a month early. :)

p.s. Plan ahead for St Patrick's day with the two shamrock print pieces featured here too!

New Collection: Get Out of That Rut!

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It's a struggle this time of year. Blah weather leaves you feeling uninspired when you look in your closet, so you just grab the same pair of jeans and a sweater over and over again. I get it - we've been having some gross weather here in LA too (the horror!). Sometimes just adding a little zip to your outfit can be just the thing to pull you out of that rut. So go ahead, treat yo self!

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Altered State: Striped Tent Dress

 photo striped dress alteration_dip text_zpsg7rvaaii.jpg
 photo striped dress alteration_3_zpsqj2kakfr.jpg
 photo striped dress alteration_2_zpscxdv5hk1.jpg
 photo striped dress alteration_4_zpspbk0hdbv.jpg
 photo striped dress alteration_main2_zpsqoxjdx2g.jpg

So back in 2015 I discussed my feelings on how a dress can be shapeless OR long, but not both at the same time (at least on me!). Still, if I find a print I love, I'm probably going to buy it even if it doesn't fit my rules as-is. This dress was another perfect example! Bold jewel tones like this immediately grab me every time, and the stripe and square print is just so cute! The dress itself had some problems though: long, shapeless, AND weird sleeves. 

I'm honestly not sure what was up with those sleeves originally. Were they supposed to be full-length long sleeves or were they actually supposed to have the button cuff hit at mid-forearm. I have an ongoing problem with vintage long sleeves being too short on me so it could be either! Regardless, something needed to change. At first I thought about losing the sleeves completely so that I could layer bright blouses underneath, but that would've also involved changing the neckline. I just wasn't up for that (and kind of like the original neckline). So I cut the cuffs off instead! That actually ended up giving me a fairly wide sleeve that makes a lot more sense visually.

Then, of course, there was the length. Snip, hem, and done - I have a mini dress! Add bright tights, suede boots, and a leather vest and you've got a bold, colorful outfit!